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Danger Dungeon

Travel deep into "Danger Dungeon" to uncover the secrets hidden below!rnSlay monsters and Bosses to escape with the treasure, and your lives!

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What happens when a group of modern kids finds an old abandoned Dungeon?rnStart your adventure in Danger Dungeon by customising your character choice...rnPrepare yourself for battle against many enemies...rnCollect weapons, armor, amulets and potions as you explore...rnCustomize your skill set with new attacks...rnCustomize your abilities to suit your play style...rnCan you find and defeat the Necromaster at the heart of the Dungeon?rnThere's a huge world to explore!rnAnd the whole gang to be rescued!
Dungeon, Team, Rogue, Treasure, Prisoners, Rescue, Loot, Items, Dark, Story
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Date added: 2012-10-23 11:09:59 EDT
Times played: 1704

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